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5EM Productions falls under the umbrella of Five Entertainment Management (www.5entertain.com). Just one of our many exciting entertainment ventures.

At 5EM Productions we specialize in producing events, concerts and shows for Cruise Liners, Theme Parks, Corporate Establishments, Casinos, Resorts, Theatres and Television.

Our team conceptualize, design and produce live theatrical shows and headline entertainment while integrating new and unique ideas. We pride ourselves in breaking away from the ordinary, thinking out of the box and leaving our audience with a memory that will last a lifetime.

We’ve got you covered from start to finish, from creative development, design, construction, booking, marketing, and operations, we ensure a successful and professional outcome.  Whether it's a small event or a big show, from cast and crew, to Artistic Directors, set and costume designers,

we all have one goal in mind -


Casting Calls & Auditions


With already hundreds of casting calls and auditions on our 5EM portfolio, and over 8000 Talents on our database, we manage to select the best suitable candidates for the production. From Specialty/Variety Acts to Dancers, Group Dancers, Singers, and Musicians, we are ready to bring diversity to your shows.



Trendy video mapping or intricate, stunning LED design? Our designers are here to create unique, versatile LED concepts that will capture the essence of the production. Combining performing art with motion graphics is our specialty. Mesmerizing acts will captivate your audience.

3D and Motion Graphics


If looking for an extravagant production with a WOW effect, our designers will create the most amazing 3D models with a perfect motion design that will push the boundaries of reality. Contact us for more details and designs.

    What we do    

Concept development


The key to the success of any amazing show is the brilliant minds of our creative team, coming together, brainstorming, and researching for new exciting and most importantly unique ideas to make each show one of a kind.



The vision of the show, pace and style is highly delineated by our choreographers, always pushing themselves to limits that astonish the public. Their creativity has no boundaries, assuring you that the final result will support the storyline and artistic objective.

Set design


As an important part of almost any theatrical production, our designers showcase interesting concepts, new techniques, and unique materials whether it’s abstract or a realistic set. Our innovative designers will create stunning revolutionized scenery to draw in your Audience.

Music arrangement


Whether it is a vocal or instrumental piece of music, from a single performer, with or without a band, to a full orchestra, our music arrangers are able to create masterpieces that will take your breath away.

Costume design


From small detailed accessories to full individuality representation of a character in a play, our costume designers will make sure your Audience captures the intrinsic nature and style of the characters in the production.

Lighting design


The mood of the action can be easily interpreted by our lighting designers. Working closely with our Directors, Set, Costume and Sound designers, the lighting designers will create a distinctive style of the production.



show productions south africa

An extraordinary evolution of cirque image today, incorporating an youthful, energetic dance performance with cirque elements combined with an explosion of carefully designed AV and contemporary costumes that will take your breath away.

Production shows south africa

A harmonious display of sophisticated sparkle against abstract animated AV - a visual demonstration of rhythmical technology and its glistening inhabitants. 3D patterns of abstract geometric figures mapping the backdrop. 

Port Elizabeth Shows
Dance with me

Embracing the variety of dance styles and contemporary music, pushing the boundaries of theater productions by introducing an LED screen complementing the performance on stage, makes Dance with Me a stage experience not to be missed!

shows south africa
Now you see me

A mind-blowing reflection of the art of illusion and dance incorporating current teen culture themed AV programming, steampunk designed costuming, youthful and edgy choreography, industrial special effects and an omnibus of all current pop music from across the world. 

theatrical productions south africa

A harmonious display of youthful spirit against industrialized AV – an engineered visual demonstration of social teen culture and its young inhabitants. Images and patterns of the latest fashion, manga, and gaming trends;  on a steel and concrete backdrop.

Production shows johannesburg

An exciting stampede of song and dance incorporating AV programming, spectacular costuming, top-notch choreography, special effects, and soul-warming music. An inharmonious display of what is real and what is not - a visual demonstration between two contrasting

Meet the team

Daniel B
Founder│Producer│Creative Director
Ferdinand G
Writer│Creative Director
Johan L
Music Director

Over 30 years of experience in

Musical Theaters, Cruise Liners,

Theme Parks, Resorts and

Dance Companies, as a

performer/creative director


with strong skills in management, 
communication, negotiation, budgeting,

creative conception, planning, coaching,

production and operations.

 Ferdinand has been part of the

SA entertainment industry for

over 15 years and has evolved

from being a sought after

vocalist and Performer to a

respected and accomplished

Choreographer, Creative Director,

Writer and Producer.

His love for all genres of music

took him on a journey, producing

albums for local and international artists,

composing and arranging a variety

TV shows, numerous extravaganzas,

movie scores, radio station identity music,

radio commercials and live concerts from

5-piece bands to full orchestras.

Maleen N
Costume Designer
Nadine M
Set Designer
Del M

Del is an award-winning International

Creative Director, Judge &

Choreographer having become a

significant creative force in direction &

Highly respected for his vast

knowledge of dance and movement,

he is acknowledged for his innovative

approach to creative movement in

numerous mediums including

Music, Fashion, Art, Theatre,

Award Shows, Live Events,

Television & Film.

Nadine Minnaar graduated from Tshwane

University of Technology with Cum Laude in 2009. 
Over the last 8 years, Nadine has worked

in the Theatre, TV and Film Industry for

productions such as Egoli (Franz Marx

Productions), High School Musical (Hazel Feldman),

Groet die Grotoupa (KHOT),

Winnie the Opera, Mamma Mia

(Hazel Feldman), Liefling die musical(Add-life productions), Kyknet Fiesta awards

(Kyk net), West Side Story (Fugard Theatre),

Salome (Cape Town Opera), Joseph and the

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat among others.

Maleen is an international Costume

Designer in the FILM INDUSTRY and


Feature Films, Television, Advertising

Films and Live Shows, Theatre.

Her credits include:





DJ BOBO Show Las Vegas,

ASAD_Feature USA,

YES, WE CAN_ TV Arte France,


Monique B
Casting Director
Daniel A
VFX & Design Creative Director
Dave J
Motion Graphics Artist

Monique has been part of 5EM

Casting and Auditions Department

from the beginning, organizing Auditions

and casting for various companies

such as Cirque du Soleil, 

Norwegian Cruise Line, TUI Cruises,

Costa Cruises and Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi to name a few.

Danny is a filmmaker with a deep passion

into post-production. He is widely

recognized for his area of expertise in

film, theatrical, TV, corporate image films

and music videos.

He prides himself in keeping up with the

latest trends in technology, being

enthusiastic, driven, creative and

extremely devoted to complete

projects with precision and


He creates 2D and 3D animation for

explainers, case studies, commercials and 

stage productions. A lot of it is design

and motion graphics but he branch into

compositing, VFX, titling, and logo

builds for film projects.

He had worked in small and large

agencies and studios for clients like

Volkswagen, Audi, Mondelez, Adidas,

Dell, Castle Lite, Black Label, Miller,

Pep, Cape Town Tourism,

City of Cape Town, WeChat, Media24,

British American Tobacco, Standard Bank,

DSTV, Magna Carta and Pernod Ricard.

Ismael Fuentes is a 2D and 3D artist

with a traditional artistic basis of the

drawing, painting, and sculpture.

He is a great admirer of classic art,

something evident in his work but

always tries new ways that

makes him leave his comfort zone,

exploring other forms of expression.


Simone has over 5 years’ experience in

Motion Graphics and Animation and

have been involved in various projects and

advertisements that have

been featured on TV.
Over the years she has been involved in over

20 productions; She has grown from her experiences

and found a love for the digital arts and

enjoy any creative endeavor including

traditional art, design, digital art, and animation.

Ismael F
3D Artist
Simone G
Motion Graphics Artist


Office 5B, Moffet on Main Lifestyle Centre, cnr of 17th AV and Main Road,

Walmer, 6070, PE, South Africa






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